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Alliance Softech Pvt Ltd has been the leader in the technological SEO services. We are breaking ground on pushing the clients up in the search engine ranking faster with long lasting results. We are one of the best SEO services provider in Delhi NCR. Our team of SEO experts treat each website as a new and unique project. The SEO service for a Packers and Movers website is completely different from an e commerce website. We spend lot of time in doing a through research on your website, and the website having competition with your website.

The outcome of such research is that we are able to outline the scope of our website promotion services that are tailor made for your website.  From reliable link building services to an effective inbound SEO Strategy, Alliance Softech Pvt Ltd offers these SEO Services in Delhi at amazingly low rates.

As the leading SEO Company in Delhi we are able to offer our clients campaigns that are custom made for their website.  We constantly develop new strategies and always keep ourselves one step ahead by testing and retesting our strategies only to facilitate you guaranteed result. We are specialized in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Paid Search Advertisement and other digital marketing services.


Research indicates that 95% of searchers do not go past page 1 of the search results.  The first organic result on the first search engine results page sees about 33% of overall search traffic in terms of clicks. The 2nd result sees 18%, while the 7th only sees 3%. This means over 50% of searchers do not go past the first 3 results on the first page. To understand the concept, you need SEO Services provider in Delhi.

These findings suggest that the Search Engine Optimization is not simply getting your website on first page of Search Results on google. It require lot of research and experience to actually translate SEO of a website into Business Leads. We, at Alliance Softech Pvt Ltd, have a team of SEO experts in Dwarka, Delhi, India. We are here for more than 15 years in the field of Search Engine Optimization offering digital marketing services in India.

This is what place our SEO Services at a different level compared to what other companies are offering.  Most companies offer a package of link building or on-page optimization based on the keywords suggested by client. There are many aspects to generate quality leads from the web apart from just subscribing to such website promotion services. We as SEO Services Provider in Delhi NCR with a team of experts offers you a complete digital marketing solution for your Business.

Search Engine Optimization

Guaranteed SEO

With more than 1000 Clients served world wide, we guarantee a justified return on your Website’s Search Engine Optimization and over all digital marketing investment. Just rely on us.

Is it Possible?

If an SEO company Guarantee that we can get your Website at a specific position on a given keyword, they are misleading you and hiding the facts. The Fact is that the Algorithm for ranking website on Search Engine is very complex and Google and other companies keep on updating the website ranking algorithm.

Affordable SEO

How can we justify our investment on SEO? One should not trust the false claims by an SEO Company. There are few Basic Questions to ask before you purchase an SEO Plan from the SEO Company.

SEO Investment Planning

How many hours per day the SEO Executive is going to spend for the optimization of my website? What is the total experience of the Executive working on my website? Are they going to record the activities being done for the SEO of my website?

Low Budget SEO

It is a good idea to start with a minimum affordable budget. It also takes some time to understand the process of Search Engine Optimization. There is no harm to run SEO for a Website for a trail period of three months.

Start with Baby Steps.

Once you are convinced with the progress of SEO services offered by the company, then you can increase the budget or go for a higher Plan. Good Starting Budget for the SEO is $200 or INR 12000/ per month. If you are very tight on budget you may start with as low as $75 or INR 5000/.

SEO on Local Keywords

It is always better to start SEO on Local Keywords. What are local keywords for my website?

Local Keywords SEO

For example, if you are selling RO Water Purifier in Dwarka, New Delhi, they your local keywords would be “RO Services in Dwarka”, “RO water purifier suppliers in Dwarka” and  “Commercial RO Dwarka” etc.

Global Keywords SEO

Getting a Website on First Page of Google on Google Keywords require much more efforts and time.

Need Time and High Budget

However, if you are looking for SEO of your website Global Keywords, you need to show patience and need to be ready for good investment on SEO.

SEO for E commerce

It is indeed a difficult question. But our team is ready to handle and address such questions.

local v/s Global SEO

In such cases, a through study of the website is required. In fact the first objective should be on page optimization of the website. This involves setting up SEO friendly URLs, Meta Tags, Meta Keywords, Short Descriptions etc on your website. There are lot of other settings.

SEO – How we do?


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