Skill Builder
Skill Builder
Some Logo In the past few decades, computers have greatly influenced the life style of a common man in the office, home, shopping centre, library etc. Computers have solidly established itself as a powerful tool for helping the professionals/business people to improve their performance and the quality of their work. The ability to use computer and related technologies is rapidly becoming an absolute necessity. computer literacy has emerged as one of the most important prerequisite for employment in virtually every industry. Skill Builder program enables people to use technology effectively in their daily lives and empowers them with critical IT skills. This eventually helps to gain critical IT skills This eventually helps to gain employment in organization where technology is used a medium to carry out day to day activities. The program methodology is designed to cater to entire learner spectrum including school and college to working professionals Why Choose Skill Builder?
  • Within 3 months you can acquire IT Skills for employment even if you have no prior knowledge of computers.
  • The program is offered in collaboration with Worlds leading IT Company Intel.
  • Unique online assessment for every student with digital Certification scores by re-attempting the assessment.
  • Very reasonable program fee.
  • No organization offers a program with all the above features.
  • Course Contents:
  • Introduction to Computers & Windows OS
  • Usage of MS office Tools-of Word Processors
  • Spreadsheets and Presentation software
  • Use of Internet,E-mail and its applications
  • Use of printer ,Scanner,Digital and Web Camera etc.