Connected Indian
Connected Indian
Some Logo An internet revolution in India is unfolding. As a medium of communication, internet plays a vital role in education, business and entertainment. However India still has to realize the power of the internet. In spite of the worlds largest population, only a fraction of the people are connected to internet. Obtaining Internet and basic computer training is an essential step for a better career. If you want to begin using a computer and internet applications, Connected Indian will give you the confidence and basic skills to get started. Connected Indian program is designed to equip you with necessary skills to handle tasks like browsing the internet, sending and receiving emails, using search engines, downloading free software, web chats etc.
Why choose Connected Indian?
  • Innovative program content
  • Fastest way to learn internet
  • Program offered by IETS in collaboration with Intel-worlds leading IT company

Course contents:
  • Basic of Internet
  • Basic Introduction to computers
  • Power of Internet
Program Duration: 15 days or 1 month