Google recently announced to increase the length of Meta Descriptions on its search engine result page (SERP). If you noticed the longer description recently in search results, it’s because of the new Google update. As per Google’s official confirmation, the length of the Meta description has been increased from 160 characters to maximum 330 characters. It actually was big update as different entities started making changes in their Meta to enhance their rank on Google search.

What is Meta Description?

The Snippet or Meta description is the description of a web page shown under the organic search results displayed by Google- the largest search engine in the world. This description of a page, helps the users understand how this page matches the query or keyword he/she has asked to Google.

As per Google’s official confirmation to Search Engine Land, it is changing the way description looks in search results. It will now be more descriptive and useful for the users, as it will be a bit longer compared to earlier snippet. Now the big time question here is how it will impact the SEO or Digital Marketing strategies of the different business organizations and their websites.

Google New Update- What changes you need to make in your SEO strategy

Well, after this new update from Google with regards to increased meta description, the business entities in last few months have increased their Meta length overnight thinking that it will help them rank higher on Google. But is it really worth doing? Does hasty increase in the Meta length will do overnight changes in your ranking?

As per the recent confirmation from Google, there is no point making hasty changes to your Meta and increase the length unnecessarily. As per Google’s official confirmation, the basics or fundamentals of writing the snippet or Meta Description doesn’t change with this new update. It means, you have to keep your Meta Description, relevant and to the point. In fact, Google may or may not display the complete 320 characters in the search. The length of the snippet will depend on the search query entered by the users and accordingly the description will be displayed in the organic search results of the Google.

How to go about Making changes in Meta Description

As per Google’s official statement, there is no need to make hasty changes to your Meta description and increase the length just for the sake of it. If you feel it is already relevant and perfect, don’t change it. However, if you genuinely think that there is a considerable need to make changes in the Meta description then go for it. Having said this, since a Meta description introduces your page to the reader or user, you must make it short, relevant and just perfect to describe your web page, so that the user understands it.

Note: In last few days, the length of Google’s Meta Description has reduced once again in Google Search Results. Hence, the experts are speculating whether or not Google has rolled back its decision to increase the Meta length. However, no official news or announcement has come from Google in this regard. So, as of now the users have no other option but stick to the existing update in this regard.

If you are not familiar about the Meta Description its significance or relevance for search results, it’s better to hire the Best SEO Company to make the analysis of your pages and accordingly prepare a relevant and perfect Meta Description.