Everyone is talking about Google’s Mobile First Indexing roll out in 2018. However, most of the website owners are still confused about its implications and how they can get their website ready to get top ranking once it is implemented completely.

If you are also a website owner concerned about the new Google update, here are few tips to get your website ready in advance for the same.

Key Tips to prepare for Google’s Mobile First Indexing

Well, as the title suggests, it’s obvious that the new update is going to focus on the mobile friendly aspects of your website; hence, all your steps should be to work on this factor. Here are few key aspects you need to work upon:

  • Responsive Website Design (RWD)

There was a time, when people use to access the internet websites and other computer related features through a desktop computer. However, with the advent of Smartphones, the usage of computer are reducing every day, and users are preferring to access the content on a website through their gadgets, i.e. Mobile phones or Smartphones, Tablets, laptops, etc. Hence, having a Responsive Website Design (RWD) is essential, so that your website adapt all screen sizes and look awesome on every device.

  • Quick loading time

Reducing a bounce rate is must in the cut throat competition. And one of the major reasons for the bounce rate is high loading time of a website. Hence, you must make certain that your website loading time and page speed is fast.

  • Dynamic Serving

Dynamic serving deals with the offering content to the prospective users based on the device type they are using. This becomes easy with the help of user agent that provides key information about browser, operating system and device type, etc.

  • Mobile Friendly features of the Website

As the users using the Smartphone frequently, it’s important to work on the mobile friendly aspects and features of your website. You can use Google’s Mobile Friendly test tool to identify and resolve mobile usability errors and make your website mobile friendly.

So, work on all the above aspects of your website and get your website ready for the Google’s Mobile First Indexing, once it is roll out. It will help your website rank well on Google, once all the mobile friendly features of your website are intact.