The website of Quora has become a key part of Social media optimization strategy that is benefiting tremendously the business websites. It is a question and answer website, where people ask as well as answer the question related to various domains, i.e. education, politics, products, services, media, history, tourism, and so on. Hence, people prefer to visit these website to find answer of their questions.

How Quora profit your website and business

Most of the long tail keywords entered by the customers these days are in the form of a question. For instance, a user can ask, which is the best Car Tyre brand in India or which is the best RO water purifier brand in Delhi? Hence, when a user enters a query similar to this, Google and other search engines, list the relevant answers available on Quora website. Most of the time question asked is there on Quora and hence, if you have answered the question regarding your product or services on Quora, you may get noticed by the tens of thousands of potential customers, who are either active on Quora or diverted on Quora website through Google.

Contact Reliable SEO Service to get Benefit of Quora

This is the reason that it has become the key tool of the Social media optimization these days. Today, multiple SEO Services are using the Quora answers to bring a business website on top of Google Search Engine Page Results (SERP). Alliance IT Services, the leading SEO Company in Delhi India, has achieved significant results for many of its clients, through Quora answers. It closely monitors the Quora questions and answers them for the benefit of its clients. Moreover, it also self-creates the questions, which may rank well on Quora and Google and answer them to get the ranking benefits.